Africa Most Beautiful Beaches

Africa has lots of thing to offer the tourist. Not only the wild Safari Africa has range of white sand and clear water beaches to attract tourist. European enjoy the beaches of africa from past decade and American also started to enjoy the beaches of Africa and thrilling safari or desert expedition and a tasty side dish of African culture. Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania is the few country of Africa where you can find great beach vacations. Beach destinations are very popular for honeymooners, and with good reason. The Indian Ocean beaches are unspoiled and private, offering a romantic but exciting getaway. Many resorts offer water sports as part of the accommodation package.

Each of the coastal areas has its own weather pattern, so at any time of the year, there is a perfect spot for you to visit. The subtropical equatorial climate means that it never really gets cold.

South Africa Beaches -South Africa is blessed with more than 3000km of coastline, and much of this consists of some of the finest beaches to be found anywhere on earth. South Africa’s beaches are renowned for their white or golden sands, their tall sand dunes, excellent surfing conditions, and clean and tidy facilities. Cooled by the Atlantic, and the Antartic to the south, most of South Africa’s picture-perfect beaches around Cape Town are too cool during the winter – when whale watching, coastal drives and beach hikes are the preferred beach activity.As Cape Point is the location where the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic Ocean meet, the beaches on the eastern coast of South Africa have lovely year-round warm waters, while those of the western side have waters that are surprisingly chilly! Many of South Africa’s fine beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status, which is awarded to beaches that have both stunning natural beauty and excellent facilities.

Egypt Beaches -Egypt is a fascinating country to visit. Its culture and history, combined with the chance to visit world-renowned archaeological sites, offer an experience unlike any other Neilson destination. The Red Sea is particularly good for first time scuba diving holidays. Egypt offers warm calm waters, good visibility, reliable weather, an abundance of marine life and scuba diving holidays in Egypt also give you the chance to dive famous sites such as the Canyon and Blue Hole.

Kenya Beaches -The vast sandy beaches fill a traveller’s desires. The beaches would give the bounty of deep blue water to snorkel and dive in, incredible aqua fauna, peculiar coral reefs, lush palm trees. Kenya Beaches are lined with protective coral reefs, creating ideal waters for swimming and water sports.Lamu Island is an enchanting place and worth a visit. Just north of Lamu is Kiwayu Island which has the reputation of being the beach and watersports retreat of the rich and famous.

Morocco Beaches -Morocco has plenty beaches where you can work on your tan or take a long walk. The Beaches of Morocco are Grottes d’Hercules, Dakhla, Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima,Asfiha, Al Hoceima,El Jadida,Lalla Fatma,Larache, Tangier Town Beach. The Mediterranean coast offers warmer, calmer waters than on the Atlantic side but cleanness may be a problem, such as on the beaches around Tangier.On the Atlantic side waves and currents can be difficult and the water is always chilly but big, pleasant beaches are not hard to find though solitude.