Asia Most Beautiful Beaches

Asia has lot to offer to beach lover. Asia is covered with large number sand & Surf beaches and Island. The southeast Asia have large number of unforgattable beaches.

World Most Beautiful beaches
The few of southeast beaches are as follow

Thailand Beaches -Kho Phangan Beach The tiny island has plenty to offer: pristine beaches made for swimming and snorkeling. Phuket Beach the largest in Thailand – offers plenty of fun within its varied terrain.The islands are rugged, with vertical cliffs rising from the sea and jagged shores which conceal protected mini-beaches – a few isolated pieces of tropical sand. Its watersports activities are top-notch, befitting an island with some of the world’s finest beaches. Pattaya –This one is one of the great beaches, but also the nation’s most infamous adult scene outside the city of Bangkok

Malaysia Beaches -Malaysia also has some large number of good beaches to offer.Tanjung Rhu: This is a huge, secluded cove has one of the longest stretches of private beach ever. Wide with soft sand, the beach has cooling shady spots provided by palm trees overhead and beautiful deep-blue waters for good swimming.

Philippines Beaches -Philippines known for its wonderful beaches. Some of the beaches of Philippines which WorldMostBeautifulBeaches recommend for visitor are as follow- Boracay beaches this is the place for all the party lover people. This beach has White sand and cool blue waters. This is one of the place for tourist.Pagudpud Beaches this beaches is look like a hawaii beach. This is the place for surfers. Mactan Island here tourist can enjoy night life entertainment and activities. Panglao Beaches The place for Diving lover. Dakak Beach This beach has great white sand like powder.Siargao Beach the place for surfers dream.This Siargao Beach offers you waves that can curl up to 12 feet high. El Nido the is knows as Island of god. This is a place for tourist who like calm and complete peace.

China Beaches -beaches of China’s coastal areas are very charming and fascinating in this world. Beidaihe Beach this beach attract millions of tourists from all over the world every summer.This is popular for popular beach for bathing with its unspoiled blue waters that offers a tranquil holiday on the wet sands.There are six beaches in Qingdao region they are Huiquan, Taipingwan, Zhanshan, Zhanqiao, Sifang and Cangkou. Huiquan Beach is regarded as one of the most admired bathing beaches among the visitors. Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai are the two renowned beaches of the Hainan province. Beihai Silver Beach It is regarded as one of the finest beaches in China. Baker Beach located to the southwest of the Golden Gate Bridge is better known for sunbathing and is also regarded as a safe beach. Exciting and leisure activities include surfing and boardsailing.

Indonesia Beaches -It has largest shoreline in the world. Bunaken has 7 times more coral than that of hawaii island. The beaches here are popular for surfing. Surf breaks can be found all along Sumatra and down to Nusa Tenggara. The best time for surfing along this beaches are from May to September. Well known surf break place in indonesia are G-Land in the bay of Grajagan and Lagundri Bay at the end of Nias island. The beaches in the bali region are most famous beaches of indonesia. The list of beaches in bali are Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Sumbawa Beach, Black Beach and many other beaches.

Indian Beaches -The West Coast of India with the Arabian Sea there you can find miles of long Sandy Beaches. The beaches comes under this region are the Well know beaches of Goa, and the beaches of Kerala. In the East Coast with the Bay of Bengal the beaches are very less development. In this side you can find very less number of foriegn tourist. The best known beaches of the east coast are the beaches of Mahabalipuram and the beaches of Orissia. In this side you can find very beautiful beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Island. Asia Most Beautiful Beaches

Vietnam Beaches -Stunning white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palms and lapped by the warm South China Sea offer peace and tranquillity.Vietnam has hundreds of beaches up and down the country that cater to all tastes; from white sand beaches where you can view sunsets. The best beaches are in the southern part of the country. There are some nice beaches in the north near Hanoi, but the weather is really only suitable from May to July or August.My Khe beach to Vietnamese, or China Beach to foreigners The weather here is quite cool in the winter, but from April or May until August it can be quite nice.Nha Trang The waters are still clean and clear, making for good diving conditions.Bai Chay beach is the nearest to Hanoi, so it draws a huge crowd of people on the weekends and in summer. Tra Co, not a beautiful beach by anyone’s standards what with its muddy flats at low tide