IAA – A leading American training program for aesthetic medicine and surgery training.

The International academy of aesthetics- IAA is a program started in America which intends to train physicians, nurses and practitioners, in the art of aesthetic courses online and cosmetic surgery through both practical and theoretical mode. This fully integrated web based social learning management system and mobile app enables you to access the academy from any internet connection in the world with just a few taps of your fingertip.   Till date they have conducted much number of programs and have trained number of practitioners and physicians and nurses. They assure that the trainees will be well trained in the areas mentioned in their profile and will be able to work with confident with real patients in the actual world.


Courses which they undertake include aesthetics 101 training courses, Botox certification courses, express liposuction training courses, express liposuction training courses, express learning aesthetics courses, and practice management training courses.  This training is given by well qualified, trained and experience professionals and hence standard of teaching is maintained.

They train on following subjects, the ageing process; patient selection experience and communication; history and science of Botox; live hand on training for the cosmetics use of Botox, fillers and peels; training of the upper and lower face; dermal peel presentation and application; folds, wrinkles, cheeks, chin and lips enhancements; risk and benefits and compliance; facial nerve block techniques and pain management; and many other topics are trained which makes you a good practitioner.